Abyss Extract

Abyss Extract is a revolutionary product that provides fast, objective and cost-effective detection of defects in sewer pipelines.

Our cutting-edge technology uses advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms to automate CCTV video analysis of defects in sewer pipelines accurately, efficiently and in the most cost-effective way.

With hundreds of miles of sewer pipelines being inspected every year, our technology is highly capable to to help clients identify defects and their severity quickly and objectively. Therefore, Abyss Extract ensures our clients gain advantage of better pipeline asset management.


Abyss Extract is operational and requires no investment from the client.  The technology works on CCTV footage either captured by Abyss Solutions or supplied by the clients. Clients simply upload their video file via our secure portal and the resulting report detailing all the defects, including their location, will be returned to the clients within the agreed time period.

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