Craig Goch Dam



Abyss Solutions, through its UK partner Panton McLeod, was engaged by Welsh Water to use their underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) equipped with high-fidelity visual and acoustic imaging systems to conduct a baseline survey of Craig Goch Dam.
The inspection would lead to creating a readily accessible documentation and condition information for a number of its older assets. Traditional methods of inspection which used dewatering and divers proved to inhibit the collection of such information. Dewatering is disruptive and costly while the use of divers for inspection can be dangerous, resource intensive and often deliver sub-optimal quality data.
By having a proper documentation of the older assets, Welsh Water will be able to undertake critical asset making decisions.

Inspection and Analysis Overview

Abyss Solutions’ deployed its underwater ROV equipped with high-fidelity imaging and sonar systems. The ROV was navigated to locate and capture images of the key features such as the outlet tower gates, culvert inlet, coffer dam wall and scour outlet valve headstock using the onboard sonar. Following data collection, the imagery was subject to Abyss Solutions’ algorithmic enhancement pipeline.


Abyss solutions successfully completed an alternative approach to inspecting and documenting the condition of Craig Goch Dam’s underwater assets that avoids the disruption, safety risks and quality issues of traditional diver and dewatering inspections.
Abyss Solutions operated a ROV equipped with high-fidelity visual and acoustic imaging systems to conduct a baseline survey of the dam. Visual records of the inspection, the internal configuration of the reservoir and a condition assessment of key features were produced.

3D model of the Craig Goch Dam

Project Details


    Craig Goch Dam Inspection


    Rhayader, Wales


    Welsh Water

  • DATE:

    January 2019