Frequently Asked Questions

How deep can you go?

200 m depth

How much turbidity can you see in?
  • 100 NTU at 30 cm from target
  • 10 NTU at 2 meters from target
What flow rates can you tolerate ?

0.3 m/s

Can you image in complete darkness ?

Yes both, above and below water

Can you operate in both fresh and sea water?


Can you hold position in choppy waters?


Can you see through sewage sludge?

No we cannot. That is 6,000 NTU, however Abyss can look at tunnels' surface

Can you clean bio-fouling off structures?

Yes. Customization depends on the particular task and requires advance notice

Do you need a tether?

Yes. The tether is responsible for delivering power and streaming data

How much distance can you cover?

Between 8 and 10 km in a day, however these numbers may vary depending on the asset being inspected

How accurate are your 3D models?

Abyss creates 3D models from mm resolution images

How far can you go into a tunnel?

Between 100 and 300 m, depending on tunnel conditions and the type of service requested

What is the size of the vehicle?
  • 60 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm for the underwater robot
  • 100 cm x 30cm for the autonomous surface vessel
Who does the condition assessment?

Abyss' engineering team, composed of qualified civil, structural, environmental and geo-technical engineers

What makes you different to ROV and divers and other consultants?

We combine the best of all three. We collect our own data, because we have developed our technology in house. We then derive data products and use them to generate a more detailed condition assessment. In essence, the key Abyss differentiators include:

  • High-quality imagery in turbid waters - no one else can provide that in the market
  • Digitalisation of your entire asset
  • Precise location for interesting features, enabling site revisitation
  • 3D visual models of assets, above and below water
  • Change detection over time using both acoustic and visual data (Examples: increase in bio-fouling or corrosion over time - rates of deterioration, change in sedimentation, change in bathymetric profiles and change in habitats on the sea bed)
How much does it cost?

Please contact us directly on +61 2 800 523 25 or send an email to [email protected] to get a quote

How soon are you available?

We can be at your site within a week, depending on project' requirements and site location. However, should a need for an urgent inspection arise, Abyss may be able to be on site within 24 hours notice.