Lake Mead Intakes



Lake Mead is the water body formed by the construction of Hoover Dam. It the largest reservoir in the United States. The lake is the source of nearly 90 percent of Southern Nevada’s water, and, hence, it is very important that critical infrastructures are in optimal condition.
Facilitated by WaterStart, Abyss Solutions was engaged by the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) to demonstrate its underwater inspection and condition assessment technology on Lake Mead intakes system. The objective of the inspection was to assess the structural integrity and extent of Quagga Mussel growth on the intakes. Quagga mussels are an ecological problem. They rapidly multiply and threaten to clog SNWA’s water supply from the lake.


Abyss Solutions performed a detailed inspection of the three intakes using its ROV which was tethered and remotely controlled from a base station set up aboard a sampling vessel provided by SNWA. The vessel was navigated to the vicinity of each intake, where the ROV was subsequently deployed and directed to the intake. The intake surfaces were methodically scanned in a series of horizontal and vertical sweeps. Imagery was captured continuously during this process. The data collected was used to establish a visual baseline of the assets and assess the structural integrity and extent of Quagga Mussel growth on the intakes.


Abyss Solutions successfully conducted an underwater inspection and condition assessment of Lake Mead intakes. The Quagga mussels were covered and accurately quantified. Such surveys allow the condition and growth of Quagga mussels to be tracked over time.

Video on our Inspection

Project Details


    Lake Mead Intakes Inspection


    Lake Mead, Nevada, USA


    Southern Nevada Water Authority

  • DATE:

    April, 2018

  • Image

    Intake 1 Screen

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    Intake 2 Screen

  • Image

    Sampling tube of Intake 3 showing Quagga Mussel growth