Lithgow Dam Inspection



Lithgow Dam No. 2 also referred to as Farmers Creek Dam No.2, is a 27m high and 70m long curved thin-arch concrete dam. The dam was built in 1907 and is one of the major water sources for the town of Lithgow. Traditional inspections struggled to capture a baseline of the dam wall due to the high turbidity and zero-light conditions. In fact, readings from calipers near the floor of the dam could not be read underwater. Abyss used its unique ROV and imaging technology to successfully collect high-fidelity imagery at depth within the dam as part of a trial.


The high-quality imagery captured by Abyss, allowed the dam wall to be viewed in detail for the first time since its draining over 40 years ago. The inspection highlighted several previously unknown features of the dam, which have since helped support Lithgow City Council’s ongoing maintenance program. Abyss was also able to capture an interactive 3D visualisation of a section of the dam wall from the  surface to floor level.


Some of the key benefits of this project were:

1.The ability to inspect the dam wall in detail without the need to drain the highly turbid dam,

2.Establishing a visual baseline of the asset for condition assessment and to enable its condition to be tracked over time,

3.3D visualizations of the dam wall to enable desktop condition assessment and improved maintenance planning.

Project Details


    Inspection of Lithgow Dam No.2


    LIthgow, New South Wales, Australia


    Lithgow City Council

  • DATE:

    June 2017

  • Image

    Dam wall at 23 meters depth. A measuring tape has been positioned within frame of the camera to demonstrate the level of clarity that was achieved at Lithgow Dam No. 2