Abyss Solutions is helping keep UAE’s maritime ships and facilities safe


Abyss Solutions has partnered with the Emirates Classification Society (Tasneef) to provide its innovative structural condition assessment service in UAE ports.  Safety is a critical aspect of the maritime industry. This especially applies to UAE which sees tremendous vessel activities in its ports and docks.

In a recent decision undertaken by the UAE’s Federal Transport Authority (FTA) and due to come into effect on January 1, 2019, vessels displaying flags of countries that are blacklisted by maritime authorities will be denied entry into the Emirates’ ports or dock in its waters unless they are classified by Tasneef or any member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). Unclassified or uncertified vessels present a threat to other vessels operating in the region and to all UAE’s ports and docks due to their poor structural condition. Hence, certification is an absolute requirement for these vessels in order to maintain for smooth maritime operation.

Waleed Altamimi, general manager of Tasneef Maritime, Tasneef’s maritime branch for issuing ship classification and statutory certificates had said that they have recently signed an agreement with Abyss Solutions to conduct underwater examinations and inspections of ships and marine installations.  He further added that Abyss’ innovative solution involves developing remotely-controlled equipment enhanced with sophisticated data-analysis algorithms to conduct such examinations.

Abyss is proud and thankful to be Tasneef’s preferred service provider of underwater structural assessments. The UAE is a strategic hub of logistics and maritime activity in the Middle East where vessel operations are run at the highest efficiency as possible. Hence, Abyss’ service will accurately and objectively identify structural defects and other anomalies in ships, ports or docks that may hinder maritime operations. Abyss’ partnership with Tasneef will ensure that maritime operations conform to FTA and international standards.

To read Tasneef’s statement on the new FTA decision, click here.