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Abyss Solutions conducted a trial of its newly developed Camera On Demand service, a state of the art, inspection approach and imaging system for sub millimeter accuracy measurements of oscillating mooring chains underwater. The approach utilizes Abyss Solutions’ Lantern Eye S, a stereo-vision system combined with strobe illumination. High-fidelity still imagery is captured and stitched together to produce a 3D model of the chains. This is used to obtain accurate measurements of the chain links.

The trial was organized by Abyss Solutions using Proceanic’s ROV and Seanic’s test facility in Katy, Texas, USA.


• The imaging system was easily integrated on the ROV
• High-fidelity imagery captured presented accurate color representation, high clarity of fine details and no observable blur.
• Hundreds of stereo image pairs were captured of the accessible surfaces of the chain in a single inspection run
• Minimal adjustment including strobe positioning for the ROV platform setup and camera exposure time was required to minimize motion blur during the inspection process
• 3D model of the oscillating chain has been generated to obtain highly accurate measurements which includes the bar diameter, grip length and stud length.
• On-site measurements obtained in real-time (within 20 minutes)
• Comprehensive and accurate reconstruction and reporting within 8 hours.
• Visual measurements of the mooring chains obtained were accurate to sub-mm of the range of caliper readings

Sample image obtained from Abyss’ Imaging System

3D model of the mooring chain

Bar Diameter
Visual measurements were 0.1mm of the range of caliper readings

Grip Length
Visual measurements were with the range of caliper readings

Stud Length
Visual measurements were with the range of caliper readings

Pitting Measurement taken was accurate to 0.5mm (2-sigma) of the range of the caliper readings

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Project Details


    Mooring Chain Inspection Trial


    Katy, Texas, USA


    Oil and Gas related companies

  • DATE:

    November 2018