Abyss Solutions is an Australian owned and operated specialist in the inspection and management of underwater assets across a variety of sectors in government and industry. Our focus is to give asset managers accurate and detailed information of their asset that they can implement effective asset management plans. The way we achieve this is by combining machine learning, robotics and optics to produce an integrated solution to asset inspections, monitoring, and surveying.

We provide an end-to-end service from data acquisition through to condition assessment for assets such as bridges, dams, reservoirs, waterways and any other water based assets, including ship hulls, submerged pipelines and oil and gas rigs. The data is collected systematically over the entire asset above and underwater. Each image is geo-tagged,  allowing faults and features of interest to be precisely located.

Our detailed and interactive condition assessments can be integrated with 3D visualizations of the asset above and underwater, facilitating and improving asset management decision making. Abyss also works in collaboration with industry partners, including engineering and environmental consultants to provide a comprehensive range of services.

Abyss Solutions is now offering simple visual inspection surveys using ROVs or divers, at competitive rates with the added advantage of high fidelity video/imaging. This ready-to-go service can be executed cost-effectively, with 24 hour notice, in most cases.  

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