Abyss Solutions was founded by 4 scientists and engineers from The University of Sydney in 2014.

Prior to starting the company, the founders Nasir, Masood, Abraham and Hina were deeply involved in various fields of research including, marine robotics, civil and geotechnical engineering, optical sensing, data analysis and economics. With combined experience spanning different fields and working all around the world with leaders in industry and research, they developed a passion for solving real-world issues using groundbreaking technology.

The founders of Abyss strongly believe that the last exploration frontier, the oceans, are a gold mine of challenges that their combined skills and vision can solve. Before going to the depths of Mariana trench, Abyss tackled issues closer to home in the form of urban water infrastructure inspection and maintenance. This application is critical to the sustainability and safety of all cities and towns. Abyss Solutions has adapted its technology to inspect underwater assets such as dams, reservoirs, canals, and bridges with an eye towards ship hull inspections and oil and gas platforms.

  • Our Mission

    To be the leader in data driven asset management.

  • Our Vision

    Providing infrastructure and environmental assessment and monitoring by using information driven solutions.

  • Our Values

    In everything that we do and say:
    -Evidence-based decision making.

Our Executive Team

Our Board