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9 Female Start-up Founders

Mar 9, 2022 | Careers, Media, News

One of our Founders, Hina Ahsan, has been featured in an article of 9 Female Start-up Founders.

This is a great demonstration of what can be achieved and an example for other women looking to progress within Abyss and in the Start-up environment.

Hina Ahsan
Founder and Finance Controller at Abyss Solutions

On forging a gender-equal workforce: I feel there’s always been a gender imbalance within Abyss in Australia. The nature of Abyss generally attracts more men than women. We have recently seen a much smaller gender imbalance in the Pakistan office. And one of the drivers behind this is there’s a female team lead who is actively hiring more females and promoting females in the business. In another one of our offices, there’s a sizeable portion of female engineers. How cool is that? We can overcome challenges by talking to people and inspiring them through our positive actions, as I’ve done. We countered the bias by finding the brightest females and encouraging them to participate more and take on leadership roles.

On the power of visibility: Coming from a country where you don’t see many women come out and face the world, those who did were like brave soldiers in a field. I’ve observed females who run universities and colleges. I have a friend who has a Ph.D. in Physics from Cambridge University and is a Professor at Dallas University. I have a coach who is a CEO, and she helps people become good leaders. These are all women with a prominent role. 

On challenging stereotypes: Women are great leaders because they’re compassionate, considerate and great communicators. I’ve faced cultural obstacles as a female founder. I came from a different background and people didn’t see me as if I were one of them. My husband and I started the business together and the community imposed this idea on us that couple-founder businesses never succeed. The way we’ve overcome this is to just ignore it and believe in ourselves. Take baby steps and keep up the good work that you’re doing. 

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