AI powered software that mines terabytes of CCTV video footage and tags high risk areas in a comprehensive and automated manner

Inspecting inaccessible assets is the core part of the Abyss business.  We are experts in developing unmanned, robotic inspection techniques for tunnels, aqueducts, reservoirs, canals, etc.  The volume of data captured during this inspection is usually huge and for that reason we had developed smart tools to help us with the analysis and presentation of the results.  These tools are now being utilised on data collected by others, such as in sewer CCTV inspections or images collected from offshore oil platforms.


The footage captured by your CCTV crew can be uploaded at the end of each shift.

AI Fault Detection

A frame-by-frame review is undertaken by the AI powered software.

Web-based analytics delivery

Only the segments containing anomalies are presented.


Abyss Extract is disrupting outdated industry processes by replacing them with advanced tech-driven, cutting-edge technology that supports you and your business in cutting costs, overheads, time, and improved workflow. Features of this forefront technology include:
Web-based user interface – quickly find faults on video audits and deploys results online, providing BD with the capability to have low-cost engagement with clients and faster turnaround with commercial projects.
Job workflow management – Configurable user interface dashboards. Elements of geographical and spatial data display. Elements of analytic graphics. Selected elements of asset management
Machine-learning – highly streamlined and automated continuous learning.
Anomaly detection prototyped – Post-relining videos: training a robust model.
Data processing – Panoramic video processing; real-time video feed processing for field operation
Cost Reduction – Reduction of costs and overheads


Abyss Extract provides revolutionary technology and an accompanying user interface to assist you and your business with benefits such as:

  • Automated fault detection in CCTV footage
  • Browser-based, can be used/accessed from anywhere
  • User efficiency from inspection to action
  • Finds faults that humans missed
  • Reduces human subjectivity
  • Reduces human fatigue


Visionaries and inventors in their fields, Abyss Solutions continually are revolutionising custom-created solutions and are setting high standards in both the tech and engineering sectors.

  • Realtime processing
  • Panorama video processing; real-time video feed processing for field operation
  • Extended user experience
  • Geographical and spatial awareness for users

Abyss Extract – Case Study

The Abyss Extract case study was designed to trial and assess Abyss Solutions’ machine learning algorithm, and its ability to reduce the time required to review footage and its potential to automatically identify and code defects. The trial was conducted in two...