Abyss Fabric

Comprehensive analytics of every inch of your asset delivering unprecedented asset management and decision-making capabilities.

Abyss Fabric revolutionises offshore asset integrity management through innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision and robotics. A live, interactive and data-driven asset health database allows you to transform a reactive Fabric Maintenance model to a risk-based proactive model, significantly reducing risks and costs.

Interactive and Immersive Online Portal

Detailed 360 views, interactive asset management database and connectivity with existing asset management workflows empowers a new wave of decision-making capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI technology stack automatically tags health of individual equipment comprehensively over the platform, while also tracking the change in health over time. 

Machine Learning

Proprietary innovations in deep learning algorithms allow automatic and accurate detection of corrosion on all visual data, while also classifying corrosion severity.


Corrosion automatically detected from a range of view-points angles gets automatically triangulated in 3D and tagged to each equipment, generating a rich risk-based database.


All analytics represented spatially across the platform allows for targeted painting, repair and remediation regimes.


Abyss Solutions brings you Abyss Fabric, an industry pioneering software solution that exercises cutting-edge artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and robotics to revolutionise fabric maintenance.

    Early Detection

    Temporal Analytics detect any changes in environmental conditions, and our AI technologies pick up even the slightest change in surroundings, highlighting problematic areas where corrosion has started.

    Eliminate Costs

    Thorough and early data collection paired with state of the art artificial intelligence reduces manual walkarounds and eliminates the need for costly offshore inspections. Eliminate third-party onshore manual data processing.

    Accurate Depiction 

    Accurate data on how much paint is needed for detected corrosion, i.e. no wastage or overestimation 

    Advanced Photos and footage

    Accessible 24/7 from any angle of the rig so you eliminate slow processing of photos.


    Abyss Solutions provide an innovative and digital approach that has proven cost savings for their clients; reduced staffing levels on platforms, and provide predictions of future problem areas based on temporal analytics.

    • Proven to produce up to 25% in cost savings
    • Can work with clients preferred data capture providers
    • Superior asset maintenance decision making.
    • Provides complete asset health picture.
    • Reduced risk of failure & repairs through better planning and maintenance.
    • Optimised NDT/painting regimes.
    • Eliminate need for costly offshore inspections.
    • Eliminate third party onshore manual data processing.
    • Move from reactive to predictive maintenance mode.


    Visionaries and inventors in their fields, Abyss Solutions continually are revolutionising custom-created solutions and are setting high standards in both the tech and engineering sectors.

    • State-of-the-art accuracies in ML performance
    • Leading company with highest percentage in:
      • Quality of user interface and workflow integration
      • Strong intrinsic know-how in core tech
      • Continuing to invest and nurture quantam leap innovations (e.g. robotic/AI enable autonomous painting)
      • Product maturity [we have been around long enough and are experts in our fields]
      • Focus/Understanding of FM Problem
      • Uncompromising focus on customer experience – “We work with you to solve the problem and will see it out until the project is complete”
      • The most chosen company in our industry

    Abyss Fabric – Case Study

    The Abyss Fabric technology has revolutionised the identification of condition visualisation, fabric maintenance planning and prioritisation, allowing you to work from a predictive maintenance mode, significantly saving in both time and costs. It has proved to reduce...