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Abyss Inshore – Case Study

Shannon Creek Dam

The 30,000 megalitre Shannon Creek Dam is located west of Coutts Crossing and 18 kilometres south of Grafton on the NSW north coast.

It is an off-river storage reservoir that supplies water to the Clarence Valley and Coffs Harbour areas. The dam sources water from the Nymboida river near Nymboida. It’s designed to be used during dry periods to provide water supply security and reduce the impact of water extraction from the Orara and Nymboida Rivers during low flows. 

Shannon Creek Dam is a Prescribed Dam under the Dams Safety Act 1978 and as such requires Surveillance Reports to be submitted to the Dam Safety Committee every five years.  Abyss Solutions was asked to undertake a detailed inspection of the critical underwater elements of the dam including the Outlet Tower, the diversion conduit (320m long) including isolation valves, the ogee spillway wall, the bottom of the gangway piers and the aeration lines.  Using a remote-operated vehicle (ROV) equipped with specialised underwater imaging and sonar equipment, high fidelity visual and sonar imagery was collected of all items, provided Clarence Valley Council with all the information they required.


Robotics Engineer

About Abyss Abyss Solutions is an award-winning and rapidly accelerating start-up delivering data-driven engineering assessments for critical infrastructure. The team pushes state-of-the-art in machine learning using creative measures for harvesting key information...

Abyss Extract – Case Study

Abyss Extract – Case Study

The Abyss Extract case study was designed to trial and assess Abyss Solutions’ machine learning algorithm, and its ability to reduce the time required to review footage and its potential to automatically identify and code defects. The trial was conducted in two...

Abyss Lantern Eye – Case Study

Abyss Lantern Eye – Case Study

Mooring chain inspections are costly, tedious, operationally challenging and often result in inconclusive findings with current inspection methods. Here divers or ROVs are deployed subsea and equipped with callipers they take high precision measurements. The error...