Autonomous robotics with full 360 degree image capture to analyze every inch of your asset

Abyss Inshore is an innovative proprietary data capture technology making inaccessible assets accessible by venturing into the smallest of spaces for thorough and accurate condition monitoring of inshore assets such as dams, bridges, and tunnels. An autonomous system built upon advanced analytics and custom visualisation receives actionable data upon which you can safely plan multimillion-dollar maintenance budgets and avoid expensive shutdowns.

Innovative Proprietary Data Capture Technology

Abyss Inshore revolutionises limited and outdated methods by reaching assets based in fresh water with poor visibility, to get better insights enabling better maintenance plans, remediation and response strategies.

Advanced Analytics

Making sense of the torrents of data that is collected during a comprehensive asset inspection, Abyss developed AI software systems that scour databases to automatically identify faults/defects/features.

Custom visualisation

A user-friendly interface is customised to suit each asset type, enabling the asset owner to move seamlessly through all the key findings of the inspection.


Surface and Sub-surface autonomous inspection and complete 360 degree imaging. Suitable for short tunnels to multiple kilometre distances. Inspect important assets without expensive shutdowns.


We can build a custom ROV or robotic inspection device to suit your needs. From a fully submersible ROV to an autonomous crawler, we’ll find a solution to your needs.


Abyss Inshore applies proprietary imaging systems, including the Lantern Eye Mono and Stereo, along with innovative remote-controlled vehicles capable of collecting information with a level of detail such that engineering and financial decisions can be made with confidence.

Split Inspection Technology – Abyss Inshore revolutionises limited and outdated methods by combining advanced analytics with innovative proprietary data capture technology that take assets based in underwater and water service fresh water with poor visibility, to get better insights enabling better maintenance plans, remediation and response strategies.

Underwater Inspection – Improved efficiency of operations with cleaning, reduced cost and increased scaling of deployment with its pilotless inshore underwater vehicles for inspection and clearing.

Georeferenced Bathymetry – Through automatically generated waypoints based on operation requirements and on-the-fly adaptation to conditions and anomaly detection, Abyss Inshore is able to undertake georeferenced bathymetry of open fresh water, canals and lakes. Results include high detail visual data collection of anomalies collected autonomously; reduced task risks by removing tether and pilot requirement; improved inspection range and speed without tether weight, and increased efficiency and coverage of inspection.

Eliminate Drainage – Small and large semi-submerged tunnel inspection without requirement to drain tunnel and have human inspectors, making for an extremely quick and efficient process, compared to old methods. Access to a greater array of semi-submerged tunnels inspected with a longer battery life deployment requirement. Autonomous semi-submerged tunnel inspection through imaging and survey in tunnel sections up to 2km-6km in distance.

Accurate Geotagging of information – Underwater inspection with aiding from tracking sensing and enabling semi-autonomous behaviours, producing higher data value through localisation, reducing the need for highly skilled pilots


Abyss Solutions provide an innovative and digital approach that has proven cost savings for their clients; reduced staffing levels on platforms and provide predictions of future problem areas based on proprietary data capture technology and advanced analytics.

  • High quality data in accessible shallow areas, making inaccessible areas accessible
  • New features continuously updated and implemented
  • Condition monitoring of inshore assets such as dams, bridges and tunnels for accurate managing of ageing assets
  • Receive actionable data upon which you can safely plan multimillion-dollar maintenance budgets
  • Reduce the need for expensive shutdowns
  • Reduced costs in personnel
  • Reduced risk of failure & repairs through better planning and maintenance


Visionaries and inventors in their fields, Abyss Solutions continually are revolutionising custom-created solutions and are setting high standards in both the tech and engineering sectors.

  • Proprietary Data Capture Technology
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Custom visualisation
  • Real Time Perception – getting better insights from data whether through robots or sensors deployed on the field
  • Real Time Decision Making – enabling better and more timely maintenance plans, remediation strategies, response strategies
  • Real Time Cooperation – be it a sensor of networks (IoT) or a swarm of robots or a set of databases that are being updated in real time, we develop systems that can synchronise these data streams to collectively make decisions. This also includes develop generic protocols for communication


Abyss Inshore – Case Study

Shannon Creek Dam The 30,000 megalitre Shannon Creek Dam is located west of Coutts Crossing and 18 kilometres south of Grafton on the NSW north coast. It is an off-river storage reservoir that supplies water to the Clarence Valley and Coffs Harbour areas. The dam...