Cutting edge camera system delivering photo-real 3D models with sub-mm accuracy, enabling you to make digital twins of your assets and precise measurements.

A revolutionary and forefront design in robotics, the Abyss proprietary Lantern Eye S camera system provides sub-mm accurate, contactless measurements of subsea assets and produces accurately detailed 3D models that empowers you to make any measurement required during and post inspection. Work from a predictive maintenance position by experiencing high prevision temporal tracking of the deterioration of an asset and its comparison with its as-built state.

Photogrammetry Camera System

An intelligently compact, state of the art form-factor stereo photogrammetry camera system and processing pipeline which is mountable on both inspection and workclass ROVs. The systems can be integrated on a range of ROVs within a shift.

High Fidelity Sub-mm Imaging

High-fidelity inspection imagery and sub-mm accurate, contactless measurements of subsea assets including mooring chains, flex joints, risers, clamps, anodes and platform nodes.

3D Mapping

Abyss Lantern Eye technology replaces rudimentary, unreliable and inaccurate mechanical calipers, saves vessel/ROV time, delivers sub-mm photo-realistic 3D models and empowers a client to make any measurement they require during and post inspection.

Sub-mm measurements

Measure subsea assets to sub-mm accuracy to create lifelike digital assets for remote inspection

3D Mapping

Recreate large scale assets as interactive 3d models with incredible accuracy


Abyss Lantern Eye is revolutionising outdated industry processes by replacing them with advanced robotics and cutting-edge technology that supports you and your business in cutting costs, overheads, time, and improved workflow. Features of this forefront technology include:

Innovative Imagining – Provides sub-mm accurate, contactless measurements of subsea assets including mooring chains, flex joints, risers, clamps, anodes and platform nodes.

Digital-Twin Replication – The technology delivers a complete digital-twin of the assets inspected, allowing direct interaction with the asset and obtain their own sub-mm measurements as required, including area and volumetric measurements

Express Data Capture – critical elements such as a mooring chain link can take as little as 10-30 minutes, depending on size. The data processing pipeline then allows rapid onsite measurement of these elements as they are inspected in under 30 minutes

Engineered Analysis – The system receives collected data and feeds a much richer engineering analysis and condition assessment.

Revolutionary Deliverables – The system delivers sub-mm, photo-realistic 3D models, combining high precision 3D spatial data with colour information which laser based systems cannot deliver for improved condition assessment.

Predictive Maintenance – High Prevision temporal tracking of the deterioration of an asset and its comparison with its as-built state. This enables better maintenance forward planning and remaining life estimation.


Abyss Solutions provide an innovative and digital approach that has proven cost savings for their clients; reduced staffing levels on platforms and provide predictions of future problem areas based on advanced robotics and 3D mapping.

  • Replaces rudimentary, unreliable and inaccurate mechanical callipers.
  • Saves vessel/ROV time through rapid deployment, quick data collection and in situ data quality checks/measurements which can be used to adaptively optimise data collection.
  • Provides complete 3D models of assets which allow the client to obtain their own measurements and contributes to a richer engineering analysis and improved life extension analysis.
  • High accuracy and reliability information
  • Reduced operational risk to the client
  • Real Time Perception – acquire better insights from data whether through robots or sensors deployed on the field
  • Real Time Decision Making – enabling better and more timely maintenance plans, remediation strategies, response strategies


Visionaries and inventors in their fields, Abyss Solutions continually are revolutionising custom-created solutions and are setting high standards in both the tech and engineering sectors.

  • 3D twin capability
  • Sub-mm precision measurements
  • Ability to provide accurate measurements on assets up to 50m in size
  • Ability to scale operations without the need for on-site Abyss personnel
  • Ability to do high value inspections without high operational costs
  • Consistent inspection through machine learning
  • Lantern Eye series of underwater systems, including in-house developed hardware, software and data processing automation, allows accurate, contactless measurement of subsea assets. To date, mooring chains, fairleads, anodes and connectors have been modeled and analyzed using this system, with successful trials with Exxon, Chevron and BP.

Deep sea vision with Lantern Eye

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