Working at Abyss

Our Vision

To pioneer autonomous systems to enable inspections at scale

Our Purpose

To protect and conserve the world’s most valuable resources for generations to come

We are Innovative

our team is continuously innovating, helping develop pioneering technology that solves some of the world’s most pressing and important challenges

We are Agile

We are not just ahead of the curve but making a market, harnessing the power of the world’s leading domain experts and next-gen technology to deliver solutions that cannot be compared to anything else on the market


We are Transparent

We work as an extension of your in house team, working alongside inspection teams and wider stakeholders to enable businesses to deliver inspection at scale 

We act with Integrity

We don’t believe in technology for technology sake. Everything we do is focussed on delivering positive business outcomes and doing the right thing.

We strive for Excellence

Our world leading team, driven by curiosity has led us to breaking new frontiers, solving new problems and delivering world firsts. We relentlessly innovate in order to find a better way

No Egos

Nuff Said!

Meet Nasir (CEO)

“At Abyss, we have a passion for technology and innovation, we have a desire for solving real-world issues using ground breaking technology.

We work closely together every day and strive for excellence in all we do, we get to build the future every day and we have a great time doing it.

If you have a desire to build the intelligence that drives the unmanned robots of the future please get in touch. We are always keen to grow our team and are constantly on the lookout for driven people who share our vision and passion.”

Meet Thomas (Robotics Team Lead)

“I am originally from the Netherlands. My background is in mechanical and control engineering with an interest in the field of robotics. Early 2020, I moved to Australia where I started at Abyss as part of the field robotics team.

My main responsibility is the development of new sensors and robotic platforms. Applying cutting edge technologies and using advanced sensors for the projects I work on drives me. Next to development, I also go out in the field to deploy our sensors. Being in the demanding environment of a field operation gives me valuable insights in how a design functions and how its being used. So far, I traveled to Africa, the middle east, and locally within Australia in the last year with more locations around the world to come.

Besides the opportunities I got regarding technical development, Abyss also put an emphasis on my personal development and growth. Recently I have been appointed to the function as team lead of the robotics team. Next to that, Abyss supported me in my PR visa application.”

Meet Irsa Anwar (Lead Asset Integrity Engineer)

“When I graduated as a Civil Engineer, I never thought that I could be involved with a company that is at the forefront of AI and ML technology. To be a part of a culture as passionate, devoted and as constantly growing as Abyss has been a breath of fresh air in the Pakistan industry, where opportunities like these are few and far in between – and often limited to men. I was offered to lead a team of engineers from diverse backgrounds, bringing together a team with a variable skillset and combining our strengths to support the development of Abyss’ groundbreaking products.

With Abyss, I was always welcomed to take initiative and that initiative was awarded with growth and trust. Abyss’ values around diversity align with my own passion for female empowerment and as a woman in a leadership position, I was given the freedom to shake things up for the best. In less than a year, I grew the Pakistan team tenfolds – from 3 people to 33 – in our asset integrity team, with 40% female representation. From hiring to training, setting up our Pakistan office, and building a culture around team work, respect and enthusiasm for technology, I have had to wear multiple hats in the past 1.5 years, and these have been some of the most refreshing and fulfilling years of my career.”

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