Why Abyss?

Help us build the future.

We are building intelligence to drive all unmanned systems of the future. Join our skilled team of people from all walks of life collaborating across robotics, AI, software, product and design to solve interesting and meaningful problems building cutting-edge technology.

What we Offer

Flexible workplace

  • Each team decides what works for them, from location to hours
  • We will support you with your remote work setup

Teams that are empowered to get their work done

  • A lightweight Agile approach, that best matches team needs
  • Access to end customers to help teams understand what they need
  • Ability to drive decisions around technology use

Culture of innovation, continuous learning and improvement

  • Learn from fellow engineers with deep knowledge in specialised areas
  • Continuous improvement of not just the products, but also team processes as well as company-wide initiatives.
  • Quarterly Abyssathons (hackathons) where groups form to come up with ideas and fast-track solutions for difficult or interesting problems

Financial wellbeing

  • 10 weeks flexible parental leave
  • Competitive pay
  • Novated lease (Salary Packaged Vehicle)
  • Salary sacrifice for superannuation
  • Considerations for employee stock options depending on your role
  • Fortnightly payroll
  • Employee Referral Scheme


  • Social team activities – ping pong competitions, video/online games and BBQs

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