Five AI Companies in Oil and Gas to watch

Sep 28, 2020 | News

As technology continuously evolves, so is the need for oil and gas companies to adopt new methods of exploration and processes to produce more results that are more detailed, efficient, safe, environmentally conscious and less costly. As Abyss continues to produce industry-first and ground-breaking technology to achieve client and climate demands, here are some AI companies that are also making strides in the industry:



1. Sensorfield

Founded by an engineer and an oilman, Sensorfield wanted a simple (and small) solution to monitor wells. This Houston-based start-up created plug-and-play monitoring sensors, no bigger than a refrigerator magnet, that could stick to a tank or pipe, using strong internal magnets. Once turned on, the data is collected and sent to a mobile or computer and you can see your data in real-time. Their products are solar powered and help maintain assets like pipeline pressure, tank fluid levels, pump and generator vibration, temperatures, etc.




2. SparkCognition

Using artificial intelligence, SparkCognition’s oil and gas industry solution collects data to understand operational states and failure modes of assets, and takes this intelligence to warn of impending failures. Their glitch detection and cognitive endpoint protection keep critical assets safe from sabotage and cyber attacks.




3. GroundMetrics

This San Diego start-up originally created military sensor products to detect improvised explosive devices, but now use that electromagnetic technology to obtain deep subsurface resistivity data that detects oil, gas and mineral deposits below the earth which solve difficult natural resource exploration challenges.



4. Flutura

Flutura’s ‘Cerebra’ technology predicts any event like failures and production loss based on historical signatures; it detects hidden patterns using specialised AI models that are invisible to the naked eye. This tells the client when to intervene in wells and saves in both time and costs, reducing field trips and the NPT by 23%. Flutura’s technology is used in the oil and gas, speciality chemicals, and heavy machinery industries.




5. Seven Lakes Technology

Founded by an oil and gas industry expert, Seven Lakes Technology use electromagnetic technologies (like Ground Metric used in the military), to develop enterprise analytics and workflow software solutions to optimise oil production. They have developed AI, mobile and cloud technologies that create automation and has been used on over 100,000 wells in the US.

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