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Deep sea vision with Lantern Eye

Lantern Eye has successfully conducted precision inspections at the depth of 2000 metres. Our exceptional engineers Marco Castillo and Jordan Jolly were using the imaging system to inspect mooring chains for a large multinational on board a product facility in the...

Abyss Inshore – Case Study

Shannon Creek Dam The 30,000 megalitre Shannon Creek Dam is located west of Coutts Crossing and 18 kilometres south of Grafton on the NSW north coast. It is an off-river storage reservoir that supplies water to the Clarence Valley and Coffs Harbour areas. The dam...

Abyss Extract – Case Study

The Abyss Extract case study was designed to trial and assess Abyss Solutions’ machine learning algorithm, and its ability to reduce the time required to review footage and its potential to automatically identify and code defects. The trial was conducted in two...

Abyss Lantern Eye – Case Study

Mooring chain inspections are costly, tedious, operationally challenging and often result in inconclusive findings with current inspection methods. Here divers or ROVs are deployed subsea and equipped with callipers they take high precision measurements. The error...

Abyss Fabric – Case Study

The Abyss Fabric technology has revolutionised the identification of condition visualisation, fabric maintenance planning and prioritisation, allowing you to work from a predictive maintenance mode, significantly saving in both time and costs. It has proved to reduce...