Protecting the world’s most
valuable assets

Supporting multiple industries

We recognize that every industry and business has its own unique needs and requirements.

Abyss continues to develop bespoke solutions, supported by a flexible tech stack, to ensure we are
responding to the challenges of today and the future.


Delivering autonomous inspections on a global scale, helping dramatically reduce risk and cost.


Combining advanced robotics with AI and machine learning to monitor and inspect your assets safely and securely.


Inspecting some of the world’s most valuable and important infrastructure.


Using advanced data driven analysis to help improve agricultural yield.


Developing pioneering inspection technology that can help monitor space and near Earth assets.

Operating across land, sea, air, and space

Our team, tools and technology have the capability to operate across
environments on this planet and others.

Multi-domain expertise

We combine highly experienced subject matter experts with decades of expertise in the field with
the brightest minds in autonomy, data analytics, data science and robotics to deliver game-
changing solutions.



Utilizing robots to capture data at an unprecedented level


Developing autonomous platforms to conduct assessments of challenging and dangerous environments

Data analytics

Applying data analytics tools to dramatically reduce assumptions and subjectivity to deliver a step change in risk reduction

Data science

Using custom data models and proprietary algorithms to turn data into knowledge

Custom solutions for complex challenges

We combine our expertise in autonomy, data analytics, data science, and robotics with the industry expertise of client teams, to build custom solutions to the complex challenges of modern businesses.

A proven, partnership-led approach

Understand the problem

A cross-disciplined team from Abyss works alongside the client and SMEs to define and understand the problem that we’re trying to solve in detail.

Build a prototype

A prototype is built, refined, and tweaked during testing within a controlled environment.

Pilot in the field

The final prototype is tested in the field across real-life applications to ensure it is robust and fully solves the short and long-term objectives of the client.

Industrialize and scale

The solution is industrialized for regular use in the field and designed for manufacturing at scale.

Partnering for the future

We can inspect an entire asset in weeks, not years, dramatically reducing risk and cost.

Get in touch to explore how our pioneering technology can support next gen decision
making for your business.