Making autonomous inspection
accessible at scale


technology transforming

Every day we are striving, in partnership with our clients, to
create advanced solutions with patented technology that enables asset owners to conduct inspections regularly and reliably at
scale through autonomous systems, making the world a safer and more sustainable place for us all.

A team of

Abyss is working every day to go beyond visionary. To
make the impossible possible. To do things the world has
never thought of let alone done before.

Our team is enabling asset owners to see the world
differently offering the knowledge and insight needed to
think beyond, to go further and push what’s possible for
the betterment of society.

United by our purpose and vision

Abyss has been built on strong values that represent what we stand for and how we act. They help us work better together, come up with new ideas, and solve problems to the world’s most pressing challenges.


To protect and conserve the world’s most valuable resources for generations to come.


To pioneer autonomous systems to enable inspections at scale.

  • Always innovating

    Abyssians embed innovation in everything we do. Our ambition lies in unlocking opportunities across uncharted frontiers.

    Always innovating
  • Built agile

    Agility allows Abyss to hold a leading position within emerging markets, and respond swiftly to client demands.

    Built agile
  • Acting with integrity

    Our team does the right thing in even the hardest circumstances.

    Acting with integrity
  • Operating with transparency

    Open communication and appraisal towards colleagues, partners and clients, building trust and clarity.

    Operating with transparency
  • Striving for excellence

    Excellence in everything that we do.

    Striving for excellence
  • No egos

    There are no egos at Abyss.

    No egos

Powering the future

Abyss is pioneering a new future by challenging the world to see and think differently; bringing people and technology together to deliver solutions for the betterment of society.

We believe that actions speak louder than words, that’s why we invest a percentage of our turnover into developing the change makers of the future, donating time, money and resources to STEM projects that shape new ways of thinking, doing and achieving for future generations.

Abyss is leading and shaping the autonomous inspection industry

Get in touch and see how we can save you time and money, increase safety and reduce CO₂ by delivering next-generation inspections at scale.