Turn inspection data into
maintenance intelligence

Unprecedented levels of data
collection and analysis

Capture, analyze, contextualize and visualize inspection data seamlessly and autonomously using
our proprietary next-gen product ecosystem.


Our industry-leading, patented perception technology enables teams to capture an entire asset in a fraction of the time required using traditional inspection techniques


Our proprietary analytics dramatically reduces assumptions and removes subjectivity to deliver a step change in risk reduction


We allow maintenance teams to prioritize pressing issues and in some instances, our robotic technology can tend to the concern upon discovery

Abyss Fabric

Identify risks across your assets quicker and more accurate than ever before using our cost-efficient, autonomous inspection technology.

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Abyss Sentinel

Abyss Sentinel automatically raises alerts when it detects something out of the norm, enabling a single team to perform operator rounds on multiple facilities simultaneously.

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Lantern Eye

Utilize our cutting-edge proprietary camera system to inspect mooring chains with millimeter perfect precision.

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Abyss has built an ecosystem of products, technology, and people that work in perfect harmony to deliver industry-leading solutions.


Along with our suite of products, we also build custom solutions tailored to a client’s exact requirements

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Innovative products delivered by experts

All products are delivered and supported by our industry-leading team of
experts, giving you access to a talented pool of specialists offering
consultancy, desk, and team support across the entirety of a project.

We’re here to help you deliver millimeter-perfect inspections at scale.

The future of inspection

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to deliver inspection reliably at scale.