Pioneering autonomous inspection across land, sea, air and space

The intelligence businesses need to deliver autonomous inspection at scale

Abyss utilizes the latest in unmanned autonomous systems to deliver next-generation inspections regularly and reliably at scale.

Our industry-leading team and technology are pushing the boundaries of the possible, going beyond the status quo to deliver billions of dollars in risk reduction for some of the world’s biggest companies.

At the forefront of technology and the industry

We’re working every day to help protect the world’s most valuable assets and resources, delivering the insights needed to inform preventative maintenance programs, exceed health and safety targets and significantly reduce CO₂.

Unrivaled experience in the field

Delivering industry-defining, integrated solutions across multiple sectors.


Curtail your carbon footprint by reducing the need for helicopter flights and POB through our patented, at-scale integrity assessment technologies that enable you to proactively prioritize maintenance schedules.


Deploy high-precision underwater robots that produce digital replicas by virtually scanning assets in challenging conditions without taking them offline so you can continuously monitor the progress of your project with comparable baseline data.


Access unparalleled levels of detailed data from inspections at scale via autonomous systems and remove divers from dangerous situations with little to no disruption in service while maintaining the integrity of the environment.


Our precision agriculture technology allows for accurate crop variability through mapping, health analysis, and yield potential.


Our team is pioneering cutting-edge inspection technology to remediate satellites during orbit, without interruption.

Home of world firsts

Our team is relentlessly innovating in order to deliver world firsts that will not only solve the challenges our society faces today, but secure our critical resources for the future, delivering safe, reliable, and repeatable inspections on a global scale.

Partnering with market-leading businesses

We partner with our clients to rewrite the rules and create new solutions to new challenges.

Our technology is being used by some of the world’s largest and most respected companies.

Providing solutions to some of the Earth’s most pressing challenges

Our clients share our vision and have joined us on a continuous journey of discovery that has taken us to some of the
most diverse and complex environments in the world, from the Sydney Opera House to oil rigs in the North Sea and even space –
we are helping businesses protect the world’s most valuable assets across land, sea, air, and space.

Inspecting water aqueducts

See how we cut inspection cost by 20%

Abyss Lantern Eye

Creating 3D reconstruction of an asset in record time

Corrosion Inspection Reporting

Capture meaningful data across 95% of an asset in months rather than years

Refusing to accept the norm

Everyone at Abyss is united by the same thing - we want to bring around positive change, rewriting the rules to create things that no one has even thought of let alone done before.

Everything we do is focused on delivering positive business outcomes.

Get in touch and see how we can save you time and money, increase safety and reduce CO₂ by delivering next-generation inspections at scale.