Inspect subsea assets 5x faster

Produce hyper-detailed 3D models in multiple environments

Abyss Lantern Eye is a camera system like no other, delivering high-fidelity imaging, sub-mm
precision metrology, photorealistic digital twins, and automated defect detection and trend
analysis, in subsea, splash zone and air environments.

All 5x faster than competing imaging solutions.

A robust inspection process
Data Capture

Abyss Lantern Eye captures live imagery that is transmitted to a topside computer.

In-situ inspection process

A technician performs in-situ QA/QC and data assurance.

Data processing

3D models are generated from the stereo image pairs collected and system validates measurements.

Data analysis

Measurements are extracted from the 3D models and visual defects and damage are identified.

Insights & reporting

Results from the inspection are compiled into a report.

A class and market-certified solution

The technology is ABS-approved and is currently being deployed to
some of the world’s biggest companies across West Africa, Middle East,
Australia, and the Gulf of Mexico.

High precision in a small package
High precision in a small package

Produce photo-realistic 3D models with sub-mm precision utilizing a camera with the smallest form factor in its class

Remote operations
Remote operations

Capture high-quality data remotely with automated live 3D modeling to verify full coverage, helping reduce person on board (POB) days

Live QA/QC
Live QA/QC

With a 3D model created on-site, our team can verify complete coverage and decisions can be made on the spot

Rapid data delivery
Rapid data delivery

Get an instant digital twin and 3D model of your asset as well as an initial findings report delivered within 12 hours 

Capture every detail

Abyss Lantern Eye gives you a crystal clear view of your asset, producing ultra-high definition, photorealistic digital twins that enable fine defects to be identified and analyzed.

Powerful remote operations

Our operators are able to capture, process, and QA data remotely with Abyss Lantern Eye, helping save on POB during inspections.

Detect and classify anomalies

Abyss Lantern Eye enables teams to detect and classify anomalies at scale, helping identify trends and support proactive maintenance programs.

Driving project effeciency

Abyss Lantern Eye uses contactless technology and minimizes tool changes, helping inspection teams save valuable time and money when inspecting assets.

Capture your subsea assets like never before

Speak to a member of the team about how Abyss Lantern Eye can enable you to get a crystal clear view of your asset in days, not months.