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Transforming Subsea Inspections with Remote-Operated Lantern Eye™ System

Transforming Subsea Inspections with Remote-Operated Lantern Eye™ System

Abyss Solutions’ pioneering Lantern Eye™ system, now operable remotely, represents a significant advancement in subsea inspections. This article showcases its application in a remote operation context, showing the system’s efficiency, versatility, and ability to provide high-fidelity, sub-mm accurate imagery and measurements.


Traditional subsea inspections often require onsite technicians, leading to increased costs and logistical complexities. The remote-operable Lantern Eye™ system offers a solution, enabling high-quality inspections from any location, significantly benefiting the oil and gas industry.

Value to Customers

  • Reduced Operational Costs: Eliminates the need for an Abyss technician onsite, cutting travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Increased Flexibility: Allows for inspections to be conducted from any location, enhancing operational responsiveness.
  • Enhanced Safety: Minimizes the risk associated with deploying personnel in hazardous environments.
  • High Efficiency: Accelerates inspection process, with potential to complete inspections within minutes.


The Lantern Eye™ system was shipped to the client’s location and integrated onto an ROV by local technicians. Remote operation was facilitated through high-speed internet connections, allowing an Abyss engineer to control and monitor the inspection process in real-time from Sydney, Australia or Houston, Texas, USA.

Operation Highlights

  • Validation and Calibration: A validation unit was used to calibrate the camera system for specific underwater conditions.
  • Live Data Feed: Enabled real-time decision-making and ensured systematic coverage of the asset.
  • Fast Turnaround: Inspection times ranged from 15-45 minutes, with 3D model generation completed within 24 hours and full reports delivered in 2-4 weeks.


The remote operation of the Lantern Eye™ system proved highly effective, providing high-fidelity imagery and precise, sub-mm measurements. The ability to conduct remote inspections without compromising on data quality or accuracy marked a significant innovation in the field.


The remote-operable Lantern Eye™ system by Abyss Solutions sets a new benchmark in subsea inspection technology. Its ability to deliver high-quality, class-standard compliant inspections remotely offers unparalleled value to clients in the oil and gas sector, reducing costs, increasing safety, and enhancing operational flexibility.

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