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Revolutionizing Subsea Inspection with ABS-Class Certified Lantern Eye™ S

Revolutionizing Subsea Inspection with ABS-Class Certified Lantern Eye™ S

Abyss Solutions’ Lantern Eye™ S represents a paradigm shift in subsea mooring chain inspection. This case study highlights its deployment in the Gulf of Mexico, demonstrating compliance with stringent class standards and offering superior value to customers in the oil and gas sector.


Subsea mooring chain inspections, traditionally reliant on diver or ROV-operated calipers, face challenges of accuracy, time consumption, and high costs. Lantern Eye™ S, with its ABS-class certification, addresses these issues, offering a high-precision, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Value to Customers

  • Enhanced Accuracy with Certification: Meets and exceeds ABS-class standards, ensuring sub-mm precision in measurements.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduces inspection times from hours to minutes, aligning with the rigorous demands of class-certified operations.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Significantly cuts ship time and operational expenses, a key consideration in class-standard operations.
  • Ease of Integration: Quick integration with ROVs, facilitating streamlined class-compliant inspection processes.

Project Background

A leading oil and gas company engaged Abyss Solutions to deploy the class-certified Lantern Eye™ S for a mooring chain inspection in the Gulf of Mexico, aiming to adhere to the highest industry standards.


Lantern Eye™ S was integrated onto an ROV by an Abyss imaging specialist in collaboration with an ROV team. This setup ensured compliance with ABS class certification requirements, enabling precise and rapid chain inspections.


The use of Lantern Eye™ S markedly improved inspection efficiency, with the high-precision camera completing tasks in minutes. The 3D models produced from this process met the rigorous accuracy standards set by ABS, providing detailed and reliable data for chain integrity assessments.

Impact & Future Developments

Post-pilot, Lantern Eye™ S has consistently delivered high-accuracy metrology for various clients, solidifying its position as a class-standard compliant tool. The system’s success in meeting these stringent requirements paves the way for broader adoption in the industry.


Abyss Solutions’ Lantern Eye™ S, with its ABS-class certification, sets a new standard in subsea mooring chain inspection. Its alignment with class standards significantly enhances the value delivered to customers, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in subsea operations.

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