Going beyond the possible

A cutting-edge solutions ecosystem

Abyss offers state-of-the-art robotics, machine learning and computer vision technology, enabling customers to reach new frontiers in offshore inspection.

The technology to deliver
inspections at scale

Our technology enables asset teams to detect, quantify, and prioritize
anomalies quickly and autonomously as well as measure change over time.


Our proprietary AI and ML algorithms analyze large-scale data with speed and have the ability to ingest existing data
from multiple sources, integrating sensors into mobility platforms, giving asset teams intelligence that they never
thought possible.



Utilizing industry leading drone technology to get a full 360-degree view of an asset from the air.


Capture large-scale environments in 3D using the latest terrestrial laser scanners.

Fixed camera

We use cutting-edge photogrammetry hardware to capture millimeter perfect 360° tours of your assets.


Helping businesses reduce vessel days and carbon footprint by utilizing next-gen subsea data capture technology.


Every element of an asset is labeled, categorized, and organized in record time with each anomaly
classified and prioritized based on severity.

Data analysis

Accurately and objectively identifying defects and anomalies at scale through our proprietary AI and ML algorithms.


We segment the scene and compare each element to previous years to track changes over time.


Assets are visualized in the way you need, from digital twins and 3D, to map and spherical views, and
actionable insight reports are generated, supporting preventative maintenance programs.

Data customization

Insights are delivered via our online inspection portal, which integrates with an existing digital twin, IDMS, and ERP systems.

Insight and reporting

Key priorities are generated from the insights, helping drive operational efficiency and reduce risk.

On a voyage of discovery

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of our perception engine technology, continuously evolving our products and solutions to solve new challenges and meet the inspection needs of new verticals.

Our team is working tirelessly to create the inspection technology of the future that enables businesses to make million-dollar decisions.

The technology powering the future

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regularly and reliably at scale.